Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sangat Dar-e-Sani-e-Zehra

By the Name of Allah and the great Muhammad o Aal e Muhammad(saww).
We, Sangat Dar e Sani e Zehra(a.s.) are part of Anjuman e Azadaran e Dar e Batool(a.s.) (Shah e Khurasaan - Karachi). We started preaching the message of Mola Imam Hussain (a.s.) in the year 2003 by reciting our nohas and presenting our condolence to Imam e Zamana (s.a.) and Bibi Syeda Tahira(saww). By the grace of Almighty Allah and the Great Muhammad o Aal e Muhammad(saww) we are trying to give our best in this regard.
The aim of the sangat is to preach and teach the nation about the sacrifices of Shaheed e Karbala by the medium called noha khwani. We started with only six truly talented Noha Khwans and now it has increased to a skillful team of more than twenty five people. We perform matamdari on every thursday at Imam Bargah Shah e Khurasaan Karachi.
We are very thankful to our honourable teacher and a very nice person Ustad Munawwar Ali Khan, Nomi, who continuously supports us in every aspect of noha khwani like collecting poetries from various poets, making tunes and last but not the least, the continuous moral support and his prayers which led us to perform well in our assigned chore.
We pray that with the blessings of Shahzadi e Konain(s.a.) we remain under the shade of Parcham e Hazrat Abbas(a.s.) and perform the obligatory duty of azadari till and after our death.

Iltimas e sura e fatiha:-

Nasir Ali (Noha Khwan Nasir Asghar Party)
Syed Wazir Hussain Jafri, and
All momineen o mominaat

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